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Formerly known a The Butterfly and also the The Lemon Bar, the newly refurbished Margarita Bar and Grill is now under new management. 


For those that don't know, The Margarita Bar is located opposite KFC on the main high street, less than 5 minutes walk from The Streatham Odeon. Interestingly, they have a special offer where they offer a free glass of wine or soft drink with any meal ordered on presentation of an Odeon Cinema ticket.


On the outside, The Margarita Bar and Grill is fairly neutral. They have some table and chairs outside that will be nice in the summer and the front doors slide open much like they do at Mint and Perfect Blend. 

Inside in comfortably decorated with strong use of various shades of Beige, Cream and Brown with a splash of passionate red. The venue is divided up with Bar, Tables and Chairs, plus a further lounge area with more comfortable seating. They also have a DJ booth and even a small dance floor. They have an entertainment license  but hey are not really interested in being hired out for private functions as they have a regular crowd at the the weekends any way, and are planning to organise their own parties.

The venue is well lit and it seems to also benefit from air conditioning, although when we were there the front doors were open, so I am not so sure about that. Further more, there are some nice paintings on display, some of which have been painted by the owner himself.


We had pre-booked out table and when we arrived we were warmly received and quickly seated. This independent bar has a relaxed service, and the staff were warm and friendly.

Food / Drink / Menu

The Margarita Bar and Grill is a fully licensed bar, that also offers a selection of meals throughout the day including breakfast lunch and dinner, although they do not open up until 11am.

We ordered the following:


Margarita Nacho's - £4.90 (to share)
Tortilla Chips topped with Melted Cheese and Jalopeno's and pico de gallo served with sour cream and guatamale. A tasty starter or snack, probably more suited to one than two people.


Steak Sandwich - £5.95
Steak sandwich served with a plate of chips. Good value for money, although the sandwich was a little rare and had to ask to be cooked longer.

8oz Sirloin Steak - £10.95
As this was supposed to be a grill, I though I would try the headline meal. However I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.  This was served with there 'traditional' butter based herb and brown sauce, which was nice. However I couldn't help thinking that it would have been nice to be offered a choice. I ordered it medium rare and it was served quite well done. This sirloin steak was also quite tough and not a great cut. Disappointing.


The Margarita Bar and Grill has a fair selection of drinks to choose from. We ordered:

Diet Coke - £1.50
heineken - £3.00

They have a happy hour between 4 and 6pm every day (Tuesday - Sunday) and serve a variety of cocktails.


The Margarita promises to offer much. However on closer inspection, it has to be said, based on our experience, that the food is nothing to write home about. It is fine if you are feeling hungry and want something to eat after having a few drinks, but does not distiguish it self in this regard. That said, if you want some where to go in the evening for a drink with your friend('s), the The Margarita Bar and Grill is open till 3am on Friday and Saturdays, making it on of Streatham's latest venues. 

One thing of ote id s they offer free wireless access for those with their own laptop or PDA.

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Thursday - 11am - 10pm
Friday & Saturday -  11am - 3am
Sundays 5pm - late

Contact Details:

Margarita Grill and Bar
19 The High Parade
Streatham High Road
London SW16

Tel. 020 8835 8285

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