Streathamlife.co.uk was set up in 2006 along the lines of a Community Portal with the idea that local people could register and interact with other members of the community. 

The website was created and is maintained by Daniel Lobo a Streatham based web developer in his spare time.

Today, the site serves primarily as a news feed, with regularly updated local news and information that have been filtered from aggregated news content published online. Furthermore, there are some links to local businesses and other organisations on the site. If you are interested in adding your info, registration is free and open, and any one can add there business or organisation.

With the help of local residents, I have also taken some time to review a few local restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and other venues. These are often featured in our Directory, Glossary and site wide search results. 

If you are interested in adding your venue, and open to us reviewing it for free, or would simply like to give some feedback, please get in contact today.